Earth Restorative Justice
Restorative approaches to environmental harms

Environmental pollution and the depletion of natural resources have caused great harm to our Earth and her inhabitants. This website explores if Restorative Justice can play a role in healing environmental harms.

EFRJ Newsletter on Environmental Restorative Justice

Scholars John Braithwaite, Miranda Forsyth and Deborah Cleland open the newsletter with a conceptual framework for understanding restorative environmental justice. They get to the essence of what we understand to be Earth Restorative Justice with the following powerful words:

Restorative environmental justice is philosophically much more than a set of techniques for doing justice for the environment in a more relational, more emotionally intelligent fashion. (...) It is about healing earth systems and healing the relationship of humans with nature and with each other. Because the relationship of human domination developed during the Anthropocene, restorative environmental justice should also be about humbling humans’ domination of nature. It is about tempering human power over earth systems and domination of the powerful over the less powerful. (...) This must involve a transformative mobilisation of the restorative power and the restorative imagination of humankind. It involves the insight that, by being active citizens of the planet, by participating in small ways in the project of healing our natural world, we heal ourselves as humans who only have meaning and identity as part of that natural world.

It is truly exciting to see the growing interest in the intersection of environmental harm and restorative justice, and the diversity of voices that enrich the conversation.

You can download the newsletter here: EFRJ Newsletter Restorative environmental justice.pdf .

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