Earth Restorative Justice
Restorative approaches to environmental harms

I am a mother, lawyer and lover of the Earth. I studied international and constitutional law at the Free University in Amsterdam and worked as a researcher in these fields at the University of Amsterdam. After watching Polly Higgins TED Talk in 2013 and meeting J. Kim Wright, I knew I had found my tribe in the Integrative Law Movement. I am an expert at the United Nations Harmony with Nature-network and work with Stop Ecocide to make ecocide the fifth crime against peace. I am also a member of the Project for Integrating Spirituality, Law and Politics (PISLAP) and the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence. My writings focus on ecocide & earth jurisprudence, restorative approaches to environmental harms and positive green criminology. My TED Talk gives a good summary of why I work on these themes, and what unites them.