Earth Restorative Justice
Restorative approaches to environmental harms

Environmental pollution and the depletion of natural resources have caused great harm to our Earth and her inhabitants. This website explores if Restorative Justice can play a role in healing environmental harms.

Keynote on environmental restorative justice at RJWorld 2020 eConference

The application of restorative justice in response to environmental harm is a promising and rapidly developing approach. It presents a great opportunity to bridge the ineffectiveness of existing environmental responses and the pressing need to stop existing harmful practices, repair harms made and prevent future environmental damage, says Dr Brunilda Pali, who will give a keynote on this topic at the RJWorld 2020 eConference (22-31 August 2020).

The lecture promises to be a great introduction to environmental restorative justice and tickets are available through this link.

Image and source: European Forum for Restorative Justice

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